Chuck Koon is the Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Seller's Arena.
Chuck Koon - Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Charles Koon

Vice President Of Sales & Marketing


Everyone wants to know three things:

1) Who are you?
2) What do you want?
3) Why should we care?

Excellent questions, to answer:

1) I’m a human emotions expert. After being recognized with numerous awards for service in the fields of crisis intervention and psychological persuasion, I was in love with the skills but hated the salary. My idea of a good time was not saving all month to afford a single trip to a steak-house. So I transitioned into sales. It had the life-and-death feel that my old career did (mostly because it was literally life-and-death), and I learned it’s a lot easier making people feel good about investing in their business and themselves, and far more lucrative. Since that point in time, I’ve doubled my salary every year, 5 years running.

2) What do I want? In short, I want to make money. I want to hustle, I want to grind. I want to win, and do so in a way that let’s me sleep at night. One of my role-models says “The best way to get everything you want, is to help someone else get everything they want.”

3) Why should you care? Because based on the outline above, it’s in my best interest to make you a killing in the online arena. You establish an online revenue stream, and all of a sudden you’ve got free money coming in, with as little as 10% of the overhead you’re paying in your store. You starting moving $50,000 in product, make $30,000 in revenue, and you start killing it too. When you kill it, I make more money. And as I said before, I’m in this to make money.

Before joining Seller’s Arena, I graduated with a degree in psychology, and working for years in the mental health field. This education taught me two things… first that the pay sucked. Secondly I learned to sell anything, to anyone: whether it’s ideas, life philosophies or new outlooks. From saving people lives to saving people’s business, it’s all in the sale.

My mission is to bring your product into as many virtual homes as possible, to dominate your competition, and to turn you a tsunami of profit, without having you ever step into the virtual arena yourself.

Contact Info

Phone : 920.737.0468
Email : [email protected]