Account Creation

While this may be considered the first and easiest step of entering the Amazon marketplace, it is by far one of the most important. One small mistake on compliance can lead to a complete loss of sales. We will defend your honor and analyze your product before we begin to establish a long and prosperous venture.

Brand Registry

You worked hard to design and produce your product. Let us help you defend what you have created with a shield of armor. We will ensure that your product is fully registered with Amazon to prevent enemies from invading your territory and stealing your profits.


Copywriting is the art of crafting words that sell. The difference between “our product is safe” and “ protects your children against an array of disasters” is the difference between being remembered and forgotten.  Emotion creates sales, and sales create freedom.

Our experienced team will not only make sure the best copywriter is tasked with writing five star sales copy, we will personally review it with a fine toothed comb to make absolutely sure it is ironclad!

Product SEO

Location, location, location!

With an online business, your location has a very pivotal difference from a retail store: it moves every day, and often. Customers do not know that your store is on the 3rd page. They don’t know to go halfway down the page, take a left at the cursor and go around a search-term half a click.

The good news, however, is that you can steal a better location. The best way to get to page 1 for a given search result is to rank for those terms and have them optimized on your listing. It’s a headache, it’s a hassle, but it’s necessary. We’re take care of it so you don’t have to.


Running pay per click on an already optimized ad on amazon can skyrocket sales.  It can also be an expensive waste of time if you don’t have the experience necessary to tell the difference between phrase match and exact match.

We will run campaigns to find keywords that convert to sales, while at the same time remove non-converting keywords.  By consistently refining your pay per click campaigns, we continually generate more revenue for you.


Brand is about having someone think your name, and want to buy. Brand is the difference between the next Victoria’s secret and that company everyone forgot.

Whether you are a new start up and are in need of a professional looking logo, or you already have a brand but possibly want a different look, we can help! We’ll have a team of dedicated designers on the job to make sure you have a clean and eye catching logo. We also offer complete package redesign that will make your product pop. 

Product Reviews

The reason most retailers pay actors for customer testimonial is simple: it works. When a potential customer thinks you have a great product, they become a customer. The online version of this is reviews: they serve as both advertising, and positive word of mouth. Our job is to you you these reviews, and keep them positive.


You have twenty seconds from the moment of a lead clicking your page to hook them in, or their gone. No one will ever read your text before their intrigued by your pictures. Our product photos are designed to do one thing: capture attention, and they do it well.

Social Media Management

An online store, in some regards, is like a brick and mortar store. You set it up, put in your inventory, and  if you don’t tell anyone about it, no one buys anything. People need to know your store exists to come to it. That’s where social-media comes in. The goal is simple: build a huge list of people who are likely to buy, then get them excited about buying, and collect the check. It pays a lot more to convert your instagram following of  200,000 people at 10% than a following of 200 people at 10%.

Predictive Ranking Assessment

On Amazon, like everywhere else, it’s all about location. The difference between page 1 and page 10 is as dramatic as $250,000 in profit a year. Everyone wants to be on the first page, and after we get you there, that place needs to be held and defended. We know how to get, and most importantly, keep that spot, and are committed to backing your product to stay on top.

Website Design

From the moment a visitor lands on your page, you have 30 seconds to amaze them enough to stick around and convert. Page too busy? Confusing? Not relatable enough? You’ve lost a sale, a lead, or a connection. We design website guaranteed to do one thing: increase your sales and leads

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